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# Stool Blue Parrot

Code: BU5044-1
Product Dimensions: 26x26x41cm
Product Material: Porcelain


Weight: 8.55kg
Length: 30.00cm
Width: 30.00cm
Height: 45.00cm
Carton Qty: 1

*Please Note: This item can ONLY be delivered as part of a palett sized order. If you wish to order this product you will need to make sure your full order is large enough to be freighted by a palette. If you need more information about this please contact us.

The Stool Blue Parrot has a motif inspired by the bird that is famous for its extremely close imitation of human speech. This highly practical porcelain made stool is a decorative item that can instantly add a touch refined elegance to any decorative setting. Plus, apart from its decorative look, it is also functional as a seat that can be used in any part of the house, salon, office or wherever else pleases the client. Isn't incredible having a seat made of porcelain?

Parrots exhibits an edge over other animals in that they are decorative and loved for their human speech imitation ability whereas closer species like the primates cannot speak like humans. It is therefore a common sight to see domesticated parrots around human dwellings. This motif therefore relies on the popularity of these amazing birds and the top quality nature of the porcelain material itself to be a fast selling item. Please ensure you order a large enough amount that can be conveyed by pallets. Please contact us if you need further clarification.

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