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Bakers Stand - Valmont Cream

Code: U1527CM-1
Product Dimensions: 37x35x162.5
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 8.00kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 164.50cm
Height: 39.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Utterly beautiful, charmingly elegant, amazingly sturdy and perfectly well made - those are four dead-on description of the BakerStand - Valmont Cream.

The BakerStand - Valmont Cream is a gorgeous baker stand which has very noticeable classical and simple rococo design. This consists of four square metal bars which form the framework and shelves, for a sturdy and classic look. There are five very thin metal columns, forming a rectangular back. That mainly serves as the spine of the whole rack. The manufacturers have added the curved and twisted metal works trimming the sides of the stand and on the top of the back. The shelves are painted in immaculate ivory with a bit of grayish hues for accent. This can be put in a shop to display products. It can also be used in the garden to show off beautiful flowering plants. Instead of using the old, boring cupboards, this can be seen in the toilet and bath as well.

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