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Bags & Purses

Basket Multi S/2 Stripe

Code: BB383-1
Product Dimensions: L: 47x25x46cm S: 44x21.5x41cm
Product Material: Seagrass, Leather, Wooden Button


Weight: 1.10kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 6

PLEASE NOTE: As each piece undergoes a process of being hand woven with natural materials and coloured with natural dyes, shape, size and colour may vary in this product range.

When utility comes together with great looks, you can only get the best of accessory for your home - be it to swing it from your shoulder, or to simply place it at the back of your car with all your shopping. The delightful mix of sturdiness and style makes them a great choice for holding all kinds of things and help make your organizational goals seem easier to achieve.

Create just the right kind of ambience that is neat and stylish with this delightful set of basket made of seagrass and leather that are sturdy in their weave and made in the manner that will help it hold not just book and toys but any kind of shopping and articles that you generally would have left strewn around. Place it at the back of the car with your shopping - take it to the beach and it is sure to hold all you need it to for the day. Straps are sturdy, will feel smooth on the fingers, and despite ts lightweight nature, will hold on to heavy weights with ease. The weave is superbly done, the three colours adding to their already charming pattern. Go shopping with it - or to the beach and help ease your day's organizational needs in a jiffy. The closing strap is made of leather and adds to its charming looks.

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