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Book Stand Corona

Code: U1847-3
Product Dimensions: 30x40Hx20 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.96kg
Length: 30.00cm
Width: 41.00cm
Height: 6.00cm
Inner Qty: 3

When you're in the kitchen whipping up a delicious recipe or you're in the tub taking a bath and trying to read a book, the last thing you want is for your book to get completely ruined by either dirty or wet hands. If you're holding a book, that could easily happen, but the Corona Book Stand from Lavida can help prevent that from happening.

Comprised of metal, the beautiful book stands feature a scrolled design as well as a small ledge on which the book can rest. The final royal touch is the crown design at the top centre. A piece folds out in the back to allow the book rest to stay securely in place without sliding around. Once you're done, you can either leave the book stand out or fold it up and put it away without a hassle. While these are great to keep for yourself, they're also wonderful for the book lovers in your life.

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