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Plate Stands & Display Stands

Book Stand - White

Code: U1781CM-2
Product Dimensions: 31x8x36cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 2.40kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 31.50cm
Height: 36.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

The iron stand has been given a lovely pristine shite colour adding to its beauty and stunning good looks adding to that is the fact that it will be the perfect choice for book display - maybe manuscripts or music sheets as well. If you need your choir performance to be great and wish to display a rare book - this would be the easel stand for that.

All of 36 cm in height - the back curved and arched - the scroll pattern adorning it and its base giving it a perfect kind of balance - this easel kind stand is wonderful when you are looking to give your manuscript display a wonderful boost. Use it for music sheets and the loose sheets will be pinned down with the page marks made of iron chain. Very medieval in its look, this iron made display stand is a perfect choice for homes, libraries or choirs - after all it matters to display things of historical value with a s much seriousness and a look that suits it well. The books or bunch of sheets will get about a few cms to adjust its width across its base while the easel stand spans out 8 cm in depth thus giving it adequate stability. The length of the stand is 31 cm making it amply large for a standard sized book of two sheets in regular sized sheets to be placed side by side. The scroll design adds more of an old - world charm to its look.

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