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Bookends Whale Whitewash

Code: LD3566-1
Product Dimensions: 30x10x16.5cm
Product Material: MDF

It's a mammal whose tales of glory have led to many a volume written on it. For books like those and books other than those, here is a stunning set of bookends that will hold the weightiest of knowledge filled volumes with strong and sturdy wall. The MDF crafted set has a size and look that matches the nee of most shelves and will help elevate the look of your bookshelf to a stunning new fresh feel.

Add a touch of wonderful nautical magic to your book shelf or collection by adding this MDF crafted white coloured set of bookends. Made from fine quality MDF, they reliably hold up the heaviest of volumes filled with delightful knowledge and insightful information that you always reach out for, and yet it has always confounded you, how to keep them from tumbling across the table in the most undignified manner. Adding bookends makes sense, especially when books are heavy. Here is a set that has its heart set on the beauty of things marine - like the whale, half of whose torso is seen on one side of the book end while the rest is seen on the other - it is this kind of design aesthetics from Lavida that makes even the simplest of additions in your décor, such a wonderful idea. Will make a gorgeous white splash of pure serenity in any kind of space.

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