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Candle Soy Crackle Wick Wisteria Garden Lrg

Code: LD3379-4
Product Dimensions: 10x12cm
Product Material: glass, wax, timber


Weight: 4.50kg
Length: 22.50cm
Width: 22.50cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 4

They form a team, one completing the other being only different in size-if you ever wish to keep your furniture looking well-coordinated and help create a subtle design definition in your spaces, opt for this pair of consoles that will being the chicness of modern design using a vintage shabby chic route. Created keeping in mind, space constraint in new age homes, the smaller table slides under the larger one most conveniently as well.

Give your home the option of a delightfully designed timber made console that has a similar table in a smaller size as a duo. The set of tables could be used at the entrance of your home, while the smaller table could be used beside the larger one or used in any other gallery or room -thus helping build in some kind of homogeneity in your setting. The joyous look of natural wood, embellished top made of resin in beige and white and a simple, frill free design, makes it appeal, modern and functional and yet very pleasing and charming enough to make an impact on the decor that rests on simple clean lines and wood look furniture. You could place lamps, books, candles and artwork or artisanal sculptures on such tables and make your living room or bedroom acquire a whole new dimension of beauty and style. The larger table is 80 cm in height, the smaller one that slides underneath till used next, is a mere 70 cm .

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