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Wholesale Candle Holders

Candleholder Wooden Tall

Code: QI7301-2
Product Dimensions: 17x17x60cm
Product Material: Wood, Glass


Weight: 8.35kg
Length: 62.00cm
Width: 19.50cm
Height: 36.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 4

Please note this is a handmade product so exact sizes may vary. There may be imperfections in construction and finishing due to the recycled timber. Candle is not included.

Looking for a biodegradable, simple-styled candleholder? Then why not consider ordering this strikingly ordinary-looking candleholder that is made of wood and glass? The Candleholder Wooden Tall is made of quality wood while the part meant for containing the candle is made of wood. This candleholder would be a great product to offer conservative clients who just love the good old ways of doing things.

The Candleholder Wooden Tall goes to an incredible length to look ordinary even though it is classic. From its choice of material (quality wood and clear glass), to its choice of production (handmade), to its design - a regular rectangular shape, it does succeed in looking ordinary. This candleholder isn't just for the purpose of holding up candles alone, it is also meant for its charming appeal and addition to house décor. It is a practically functional candleholder. With an incredible height of 35.50 centimetres, and a smooth base, it can be placed on the ground comfortably while giving light and adding charm to the building. This candleholder is a perfect way for clients to say "look here, I live a normal, ordinary life devoid of the adverse effects of technology". It is made of top-rate wood and fashioned in the shape of a rectangle which stands tall vertically. On top of this vertical rectangular wooden frame is a glass seated comfortably and meant for holding the candles. Another thing that makes it all the more unique is that each and every piece of the 4 Candleholders Wooden Tall that you would find in every carton you order is all hand-made. This is why each of these candleholders would be unique and possibly different in sizes from the others in the carton. Please note that this candleholder does not come with candles, customers would have to buy the candles themselves.

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