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Canvas Horse Wander

Code: AW1182-2
Product Dimensions: 60x3x90cm
Product Material: Canvas with Foil


Weight: 2.70kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 91.00cm
Height: 61.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 8

The magnificence of a handsome steed, glowing with his inner strength and character, this canvas with foil is a tribute to a much loved creature whose very form evokes a certain kind of robust energy, the invigoration of natural and the solidness of character. A true representation of art in its modern avatar.

Equestrian themed art possesses and always invoke a sense of strength and character, endowing the image own natural grace. This canvas with it its dull foil highlight is a masterpiece in the usage of depth through tonality and usage of different mediums to bring out the wonderful form of the steed, its sinews, the flying mane and the swishing tail. The canvas will catch the light in places where the foil imprint is bolder than the rest of the colours. The woody tones, the tonal glow, the darker hue of the brush strokes that denote a certain eye on detail and the manner in which the canvas creates motion in it stillness is truly unique. An imprint of class and sophistication can be added to any space with this one of a kind canvas with foil detail art piece.

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