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Canvas Horses Pair

Code: SA7814-1
Product Dimensions: 35x3.5x40cm
Product Material: Canvas, Pine


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 35.00cm
Width: 3.50cm
Height: 40.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 6

Horses are incredibly beautiful creatures. They have actively participated in man's historical victories, achievements and discoveries. While we may not all be able to own these exotic, historic creatures, we all can at least own their painted autograph at an affordable price. This is why the superbly painted Canvas Horses Pair decorative artwork would be a great seller and a favourite choice among your customers.

Did you know that horses have been domesticated for over five thousand years ago? They have been with man for thousands of years and are incredibly popular as they have participated in wars, conquests, extensive trading activities, farming, flock shepherding, and a host of other functions. Today, they are mostly used in sporting activities, festivals and as a display of wealth and opulence. The ingenious Canvas Horses Pair gives your clientele a pocket-friendly alternative which ensures that their walls are graced by these majestic, historic animals. The beautiful reproduction of their majestic carriage features two horses - probably a mare and a colt/filly. With the two horses standing, the mare affectionately snuggles at the young horse. With the striking resemblance, it is safe to assume that the mare is the mother of the colt or filly. They share the same single white vertical stripe across the face but differ in colouration as the mare possess a shade darker than her young one. They are pictured standing in a fenced encampment with lush green vegetation and a single tree at the background.

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