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Canvas Marine Blue Designs

Code: AW1275-2
Product Dimensions: 80x3x100H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 3.52kg
Length: 102.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 81.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

The Canvas Marine Blue Designs would make an exceptional addition to any space because of its value as a piece of art .It could because if its defined beauty merge with any setting - be it an informal space or well defined work area - it has the ability to lend, form, color and substance to the preexisting classic vintage décor a lot more but at the same time as standalone piece too in modern setting it will make an ultra chic post modern art piece.

There could be so many ways of appreciating art - especially when they come with a vintage and classic feel as this blue hued one. This print on canvas makes its presence felt because of two reasons - the design that looks as if it has been lifted from an old mural and the color - a marie blue that almost looks like it belongs to an oriental place. Maybe some old rug or a Persian carpet - but above all the print in itself gives the look of age - and that could be as shabby chic as it can get while at the same time look as oriental and vintage as well. The canvas is 100 cm in height and 80 cm in width thus making quite a profound impact on the décor. The pattern is riveting in its design and the stretched canvas print has been done in digital format which makes the color and pattern retain its utter richness and in the real work of art. It is in the manner in which the canvas wears the look of age that creates the impression of a classic piece - exceptional in many ways.

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