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Canvas Navy Blue Designs

Code: AW1274-2
Product Dimensions: 80x3x100H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 3.74kg
Length: 101.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 82.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Such vivid form in a color that is robust and all encompassing - this oriental design on canvas has been printed in such manner that it really does bring out its actual beauty in the best possible way. There is this subtle play of shades that makes the pattern come alive in its variety of hues, the kind that gives the canvas its true reason to be considered as art.

A touch of age, the distinction of intricacy that comes with things that are classic and thus never lose their charm, the design depicted in this print on canvas is a delightful rendition of form , design and color that uses a base color with hues of blue to create the most riveting of spectacles. It is almost like looking into an oriental rug or an intricately hand worked blue pottery from Iran, the motifs, the proportions all significantly echoing the truth of its age, yet with a certain agelessness in its beauty. Here is a lovely way of making your walls come alive with a pattern and play a role in making your interiors brighter and worth reveling in. Art in this form has the ability to merge beautifully with classic, traditional and vintage settings while at the same time since its pattern based it does afford itself the spec to be anywhere - the bedroom, the entryway, behind the living room sofa and the likes, it is in this universalism of such beauty wherein lies its true value. This canvas is 100 cm high and 80 cm in width and would make quite an impact wherever it is placed.

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