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Clock Boards Rise Teal

Code: LC9455-1
Product Dimensions: 58x58x4 cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 2.14kg
Length: 6.50cm
Width: 59.00cm
Height: 60.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

A teal clock so magnificent in its color effect that one would need very little else on that wall or that space to make it look stunning. The clock with its 58cm face looks cheerfully bright while also giving perfect time and making the room come alive with a muted aqua theme.

Clocks for sure are things that one uses at all times of the day and seldom do we pay that much attention to its beauty or design. But with this teal clock with its 58 cm diameter face, not only will create much beauty with its color effect but seem magnificent because of its very size that will impose its rather soft and sublime beauty on to the rest of the décor. Perfect for rooms that need to cheer up its looks with a color pop on the walls, and with this clock in place, soft shaded curtains, some plants and a few ocean themed décor items one can quietly complete the look of that space. A single piece of utility as robustly gorgeous in its design as this and surely the rest of the look of that space simply falls into place. Made from sturdy MDF, this clock will see one through years of usage and whatever the setting in the room, the old weathered board look clock will surely get its ample share of attention and admiration.

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