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Clock Cafe De La Tour

Code: LC9437-1
Product Dimensions: 60x60x3 cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 2.10kg
Length: 59.50cm
Width: 59.00cm
Height: 6.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Like a stroll under the leave shedding autumn trees, a moment in time frozen in the past - like the roads and the canals that line up towns and cities that are in every way picture perfect - this clock quietly captures the beauty of the European past in its signature vintage look.

The vintage feel of this clock has been carefully curated with the use of colour and correct font usage. The large 60 cm diameter clock will look resplendent on a large wall and will help create the theme of the past with perfection. The word Paris and Cafe De La Tour make things more in focus - the times of joy de verve, the times when there was ample space and opportunity to revel in the beauty of the passing moments - all of that has been recreated in this clock and its very sound aesthetic qualities. The clock works perfectly and comes with Lavida�s rather impeccable quality assurance. A great way to enhance the look of shabby chic or antique theme in nay space. Just a clock like this on the wall and the rest of the room can be built around it.

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