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Clock Rope Hanging Naturale

Code: LC9390-1
Product Dimensions: 28x5x28cm + rope
Product Material: MDF, Glass, Metal, Rope


Weight: 1.20kg
Length: 30.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 31.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 8

Hanging from a rope, this exquisitely designed clock makes vintage seem like the mood of the season such are its looks and effect on the decor. A great match with any decor that is elegantly classy.

Be it the dial that is made from metal given a rusty and distressed paint look, or the fact that within the same dial one has the seconds roundel, as well as the roman numerals telling us the hours - all of these features in the clock transports us back in time �the time when time stood still for building memories and never rushed past as it does in the present. A period piece look has been expertly created with the help of rust markings on the frame which is round like the face of the clock and the rough knotting of the rope that helps the clock hang makes it look all the more quaint. About 30 cm in diameter this is one piece that can be placed on moderate space on the wall or hung from an angle and need not be placed flat against the wall either. The design details are definitely going to rake in all the compliments and one can also be sure of accurate time keeping.

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