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Console Wrapped S/2

Code: U2241-1
Product Dimensions: L: 130x34.5x80 / S:105x33x74.5cm


Weight: 25.80kg
Length: 134.50cm
Width: 39.50cm
Height: 83.50cm
Carton Qty: 1

Give well-coordinated look to your interiors with a set of consoles that will line up smartly across the wall's length helping you not just create displays in the entry way but also lend a spot of interest in long corridors and stretches of walls that could do with some break in their monotonous length, made from wood and metal, they are chic , modern and would fit in with all kinds of contemporary or traditional settings as well. Solid in body and yet light weight enough to eb shifted and carried to any space of your choice.

The lower body is wrapped in a prettily designed curtain of criss crossed and zig zagged strips of white metal that makes up most of its look. The effect is stunning in its rugged and modern design. The beauty of the piece also lies in its ability to lend the space a definition with the table top allowing you the desired display space and its lower body adding that touch of modernity through its unique style and design. The white colour adds to its fresh modern look, which will easily blend in with all kinds of spaces. The table top is large enough for displaying artefacts or almost and keep books and things you would like to add to any space. would be as great for the entryway of your home or the hallway or even your living room or dining room. Help lend a modern and chic feel to your spaces with this twin inclusion that will help add a touch of modern flair to your spaces.

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