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Plate Stands & Display Stands

Curly Book Stand - Cream

Code: U1153CM-1
Product Dimensions: 32x30cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.28kg
Length: 31.00cm
Width: 37.00cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Volume: 0.01

Make a stylish statement when you display an antique book or have to make a display of smaller books on stand that adds so much charm to the way the books look. Here is a convenient means to make an academic exercise look easy and super attractive with the usage of this compact well-balanced stand that has all the features to make your display look great.

Be it for an exhibition, a religious ceremony or for the sake of making your display look outstanding, here is a lovely display stand that makes your book not only look superbly laid out for easy accessibility but also ensure that your display is easy to rest, one can turn the pages with ease and could also be used for other kinds of displays -maybe some pamphlets, or greeting cards and special invites and music score-there could be some special occasions writings, speeches and the kind that could need stand for display and this gorgeous curly design one could make that display possible. The stand is all of 32 cm in height with a 30-cm width and a depth of a few cm to make it usable for several needs. The angle prop at the back keep sit well balanced and could be slid back and forth as per need. The frame that has the looks to be used for all formal occasions and especially the display of things antique and featuring a period look.

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