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Candles & Fairy Lights

Flameless Candle Lrg S/4 W/ Remote

Code: LA8118B-1
Product Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x12H cm
Product Material: Wax, Plastic, Metal


Weight: 0.98kg
Length: 29.00cm
Width: 17.50cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 60

Set of 4 candles with 1 remote.

Have no worry of spilling wax, or lighting it with a match as you would have a handy remote them switch them on and off with flick of a button, this et of four candles will aid your ambient lighting needs in jiffy without the hassle of cleaning wax residue or any kind of burn situation. A perfect modern way to get the same old romantic effect albeit the modern way.

Transit to a new way of creating the mellow light that candles can bring to your interiors with this set of wax less flameless candles that have an iridescent glow and a lovely ambient lighting effect that is unquestionable. Made of wax, plastic and metal, this set will be adequate illumination for any corner or the main dining table. The look of the candle itself in its glowing avatar looks pretty much like wax candles do and the little bulb that illuminates is almost the same size and color as would be a flame. The glow that the wax candles have transfers to the rest of the body of the candle which makes it look very attractive. The waxy color so perfectly replicated and the remote allows you various lighting options from bright to mellow and even timer settings for them so as to give you the best lighting experience. Replace the messy old wax dripping candles for the same sort of luminosity minus the fuss. Each of the pillar candle is about 12 cm high with 7.5 cm of diameter. Because of the handcrafted waxy look they allow you the same magical feel of real candles.

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