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Framed Daisy's Family

Code: AL2228-2
Product Dimensions: 94x46cm
Product Material: resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 5.50kg
Length: 97.00cm
Width: 13.00cm
Height: 50.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Give your country and barnyard feel shabby chic and farm friendly environment, the touch of tender love, when you bring to it Daisy?s family, beautifully framed and ready to make your space on the wall feel the same kind of love. Prints from Lavida have crossed the threshold of typicality and have entered into the terrain of natural and more realistic kind of art that tugs at your emotions more honestly. Here is one such depiction where the artist uses farm animals to bring out the beauty of emotions.

You could call it family-just like your own- and Daisy seems to be utterly at bliss in this bovine company. This framed couture is a perfect means to embellish a dull wall and send your farm and country feel home on the right trajectory of perfection. The picture is printed on archival quality paper using archival inks, which ensures that they remain fade proof. The depth and detail too is because of this quality of printing . Lavida knows that art and the perception of art has indeed come a long way and thus on offer are some truly exceptional and unconventional pieces. Daisy?s family comes well framed and has dimensions of 46 cm in height and 94 cm in length, thus making it a perfect choice for the space right above the dining table, the sofas or the long corridor wall.

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