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Framed Farm Chickens

Code: AL2207-2
Product Dimensions: 37x2.5x17cm
Product Material: glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 40.00cm
Width: 10.50cm
Height: 20.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Subtle, yet vibrant, graceful yet rustic-there is something about farm and countryside kind of décor that makes one sit up and take notice. Perhaps it is the raw and unpretentious nature of this thematic idea or perhaps the complete naturalness-this picture frame too showcases, one such beautiful collage of three pictures separate yet brought together in the same frame.

Lend your country and farm feel home the rustic charm of this picture frame that collects the best images of farm creatures without whom early mornings would not quite be the same. The rooster and the cockerel-the mother hen and her chicks-the cackling and the crowing- and the unending energy around the coop. There is something so refreshing about this all white background images, that you cannot but be transported into the frames and rolling hills beyond. A great way to enhance your farm and country look home. The images held within showcase three separate pictures that have been collected and placed in this vertical kind of arrangement. The white frame complements the look of the picture within. The framed picture would look pretty atop your shabby chic inspired dining table or console as it would in your living room or bedroom that wants a new summer feel look. Great for sprucing up those narrow spaces that can take no other décor accent and are yet in need of that touch of farm and country love.

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