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Framed Magnolia Trpl

Code: AL2202-2
Product Dimensions: 62x3.5x62cm
Product Material: glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 5.40kg
Length: 67.00cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 67.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

The stem holds three blooms, varied in sizes ad as varied in form and beauty-each a perfect replica of a fragrant magnolia- a plant that in Asia is known to grow densely and is symbolic not just of serenity and peace but also or ethereal beauty. Bring the same resonance of all of these qualities into your home and paces by displaying this wall art in your spaces. The framed art is the best means to introduce a nature theme in your home.

You could hang it from above the fireplace or place it right above the sofa-there are so many places where this floral artwork will make things seem and look all the more pleasing and serene. The creamy white coloured waxen leaved flowers are in shades of white that subtly change colour to create the impression of depth and form. The colour pixel usage in the print is so well defined that this art work looks like it has been hand-painted. A wonderful means to create the focal point in your nature themed home. You could place this alongside artwork that showcase flowers or simply use this as a singular piece. Wil look especially stunning in homes that have a soft and neutral colour tone, most appropriate for the summer time. Comes framed in a ribbed pattern that lends more depth to the art work. The printed work is square in shape with 62 cm dimensions.

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