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Framed Navy/w Coral

Code: AL2214-2
Product Dimensions: 42.5x42.5cm
Product Material: glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 3.60kg
Length: 44.50cm
Width: 18.50cm
Height: 45.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Corals are the indicators of a thriving eco system and when we see its presence in the shallows, we instantly know that this part of the ocean is alive and the safest haven for aquatic creatures. Bring the beauty of marine world through his framed print depicting a navy coloured coral on white backdrop highlighting not just beauty of its fine shape, but also the delicate beauty of its colour combination.

What could be more delightful for a home dedicated to the marine and coastal theme than to showcase one of the most influential of features that makes marine life thrive and help sustain it in a more healthy state. This framed art print showcases a deep navy coloured finely detailed coral reef whose spiny branches in hundreds fan out and create a web of tiny design- natural miracle of sorts ? and a home to millions of tiny creatures that hide in its little crevices seeking shelter from predators. Warm waters lead to creation of corals. it being a bio indicator of healthy balance of sea life. Make this splendid print a part of your walls to help make it come in tune with things marine. The square framed art work is printed on archival quality sheet that lends it a fine colour density and makes it seem like a hand painted art. The framing has been done in such a manner that the coral gets a feeling of depth and dimensionality that adds to its attractiveness. A superb means to introduce summer fresh colours into your interiors.

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