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Framed Print Dolly

Code: AL2313-2
Product Dimensions: 30x1.5x30cm
Product Material: Glass, Resin, Paper, MDF


Weight: 1.30kg
Length: 36.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 36.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

Let your cottage and farm feel home feel all the fresher and inviting with art prints on offer from Lavida. they are pale coloured simply bringing out the beauty of the sketch in a fine kind of print on paper that has been given a superior finish with a frame that suits any room or space - you can feel its fresh appeal spread cheer all around.

Art work need not always be serious - in fact art is a celebration of a new perspective an bringing to focus the beauty of natural form is this print portraying Polly the sheep. The simple pencil sketch makes the entire appeal all the more modern and chicer. No cluttering of too many colours and the desired effect is simply uplifting for the entire room, the square shaped print captures the beauty of form and colour in such a way that its appeal will be seen all around pace this on walls that wish to look fresh and summery and linked close to the nature theme you so love or use it in rooms that do not strictly abide with any décor norms and you need that little bit of focus on the walls to bring it altogether. The print is on paper and the plaque is made of MDF. The soothing colour palette too is its winning point. The light beige coloured frame is not too heavy and the mirrored cover does not make the print to heavy to handle either.

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