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Framed Print Rabbit

Code: AL2300-2
Product Dimensions: 27.5x3.5x38cm
Product Material: Glass, Resin, Paper, MDF


Weight: 1.75kg
Length: 40.50cm
Width: 12.50cm
Height: 31.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

Like a breath of fresh farm air, this artwork breathes the same kind of airy freshness into your spaces with its simple lithograph style art print on paper featuring a poised bunny. The simple yet dramatic combination of black and white never misses its mark in giving the space that touch of novelty that such art work always bring.

Adding art in walls gives them a certain character and style. Styling up your spaces has got a lot easier with these ready to hang art print s, wonderfully showcased in frames and finished to perfection and in this case, the print itself is refreshingly simple and devoid of any ornate kind of flair. It will in fact fit in as perfectly with a cottage and far feel home as it will in amore classic setting. After all, any art inspired by nature captures beauty like few thigs can. Here the poised rabbit print is mostly white and etched in black. The simplicity of the subject here makes all the difference to the manner in which it impacts the space. The beauty of the print lies in the monochrome and simple rustic look the artwork possesses. The size is the kind that will be perfect for a medium sized wall space where perhaps it could be placed alongside other farm and country like artwork. Be it the gallery, the passage way, your living room or the children’s room, simple art of this nature fits in everywhere.

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