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Framed Print Sheep Family

Code: AL2241-2
Product Dimensions: 41x26cm
Product Material: glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 1.80kg
Length: 47.50cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 33.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 4

The soft bleat is distinctive, soft, muted and their hooves when in large numbers makes the softest sound on the pastures. Their benign presence on the rolling hills, is a vision capture by your mind when you think of the peaceful countryside. Bring to your home the beauty and splendour of the outdoors and its free and fresh feeling in the simplest possible way by adding a simple yet adorable artwork in print.

The framed simplicity of this ice of adornment for your walls will for a moment stun you with the lines that are clean, the imagery that is pure and simple and a theme that goes straight through the visual medium to your heart. After all, not all art needs to be deep and dense. Here is one such print that replicates a water colour with all its precision in terms of colour intensity and brushstroke detailing. Depicting a herd of sheep intently listening to the sound of something around and looking as if keenly in the same direction, sensing presence. It is this capturing of a moment in nature that makes this print so wonderfully animated and a classic means to help build in a spot of interest on the walls. The colours being muted and natural, it is bound to find echo in all those surroundings that are country and home and hearth based. Will look especially alluring in settings dedicated to the cottage chic and vintage appeal settings. The print is a mere 421 cm in length and 26 cm in width and is enclosed by a frame in brown edged inside with off white.

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