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Bags & Purses

French Market Bag - Set Of 2

Code: BB150-1
Product Dimensions: 60x33x15 cm / 50x30x12 cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 50.00cm
Width: 25.00cm
Height: 29.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Volume: 0.04

Using plastic bags is so yesterday. Not only are they awful for the environment, but they break and rip and send their contents flying everywhere. What's hot is carrying around reusable bags, and the more fashionable they are, the better. Forget about ones that feature a hideous design or that break within a few uses. With the set of two French Market Bags from Lavida, fashion combines with function.

Their tan wicker - inspired woven design allows them to be sturdy while still allowing just enough air to flow through. The sturdy brown handles are reinforced at each end to ensure that they won't collapse under pressure, yet they're comfortable enough to carry. Thanks to their fabulous design, the French Market Bags can complement a variety of outfits. Take them to the store, the farmers market, or even to the beach, and they can easily transition from one environment to the other.

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