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Glass Magnets Nauti S/6

Code: CA1276-1
Product Dimensions: 3.7x3.7cm Each
Product Material: Glass, Magnet, Cardboard


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 12.50cm
Width: 12.50cm
Height: 8.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 48

The faces are about 3.7 cm I dimeter and yet they possess the ability to impact the space with the most delightful nautical feel-brilliant blue and the graphic stating what they wish to achieve through the sailboat-the waves and the anchor of course-symbols of the marine world and the deep blue of the seas-what more could you need if you wish to add that certain touch of colour in an emphasized kind of way for greater impact. Glass magnets such as this that come in a set of six, are in fact the way to get your unconventional spaces looking as attractive as the rest of the house.

Be it the metal frame of the window or the picture frame-the closet door or the locker door-the fridge front or any space that has a bit of metal frit to hold on to-adding colour and vibrancy in a such a simple manner in possible with the use of such magnets that build in pattern and colour through their simple little presence. Made of glass that helps bring to focus the gorgeous graphic held within the bauble-the back has a magnet that is strong enough to cling on sturdily to metal surfaces, this delightfully simple yet adorable little embellishment will be as great for your fridges as it would be for locker doors and closet spaces. You could use them on frames and add that nautical flavour to spaces that may otherwise be lift out from the general ambit of décor. Tiny yet impactful in their presence-this set comes neatly packed in a cardboard box and thus would also make a fabulous gift.

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