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Heart Door Stop

Code: U1128-2
Product Dimensions: 12x5x9 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.00kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 14.00cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

You just need a strong gust of wind to be thankful for having them do their job-the doorstop without which most doors would shut with an ugly slam. Here is one that despite its rather quiet presence in most rooms will be noticed for its gorgeous design and sober white feature. An elegant inclusion for rooms whose doors need to be held ajar or the ones that need to be kept wide open-works great for both.

While door stops do not necessarily belong in the realm of décor essential, when they come in designs as lovely as this heart shaped one, one wishes it would. Door stops can be such a big help when you need to keep doors open just a wee bit-if a baby is asleep in the room -or at times when the door has to be kept widely open-or simply to wedge in between so that the wind does not slam it shut. There could be so many reasons why they come in useful from time to time. And so while they maybe much below our eye level, when they sit there by the door they too could be very much a part of the room's look-here is why Lavida has made an effort to create elegant doorstops for those rooms that would like a look more formal. The white shoed door stop can be easily picked up using the heart itself as a leverage and placed as a wedge in between the door jamb. A neat look, easy to hold and lift design that makes its usability all the more significantly simple.

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