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Hooks Octopus Triple

Code: U2221-2
Product Dimensions: 41x8x15cm


Weight: 2.25kg
Length: 43.50cm
Width: 29.00cm
Height: 27.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

They are marine in nature-the very presence pf the eight tentacles instantly connects it to things truly mysterious and yet remarkably filled with style and personality that is unique to all things marine especially the octopus adorning this three pronged brackets are three such creatures, each of whom makes this wall adaptable hook set a truly unique feature to add to the wall. While it may be something of a utilitarian in nature, its beauty in terms of style and finish truly makes it as much a piece of wall décor.

Crafted from metal, the three prongs on the bracket are attached to the wooden base with the help of these tiny creatures whose detailing and design will leave you amazed. Well defined in every sense they make up the very reason why this simple bracket having three prong makes so much sense especially if your heart lies in all things marine and you wish to give a similar theme to your spaces. after all spaces need hooks to keep hangables in place and wat could be more desirable when you find one that not only features a firm and sturdy design, but comes replete with a shabby chic flair that is modern and yet traditional in its appeal. Made of wood and metal, the 40 cm long bracket will be perfect for entryway walls to help hold on to your heavy coats and jackets, the round tip hooks help hold on to any kind of article without damaging the fabric and its round tip in fact adds to its utterly charming well finished looks. Aligned perfectly to your marine look space, it's your finest option for keeping hangables well.

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