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Artificial Plants

Imitation Orchid White Large

Code: LA8691-1
Product Dimensions: 12x12x63H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam, Ceramic


Weight: 1.12kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 15.00cm
Height: 50.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 12

There can seldom be inspiration for beauty, greater than nature and giving your home and spaces, the delightful touch of tropical blooms is this white orchid, pristine, yet engorged with a certain life like energy that tropical plants come with. Add it you your hoe and outdoors spaces and lend it the never - ending beauty that artificial plants brig with them. Truly life like in look and feel, you will find this an easy to maintain alternative to the real thing.

Growing orchids could be a real challenge, but bringing to you the real feel version made from superior quality materials is Lavida that understands that thing of beauty should remain a joy for ever and giving you this option in a sensational way is this white orchid. Stems sprout out of the ceramic planter as if ready for the sun and the humidity. Tiny buds await maturity and the leathery supple leaves look ready for the sunlight. The structure of the flower, its petals and the manner in which the entire plant has been created with each minute detail in place makes it a spectacular replication of the real plant. The three stems each hold several blooms, and each soft stem can be turned and bent easily to allow you to create your own kind of display. The plant can be wiped clean to make it look fresh and new. Fuss free maintenance and the kind of display option that suits any kind of space - be it at home or commercial spaces, this is one artificial pant you would find suitable for all. The plant rises to a height of 63 cm and has planter that is square with 12 cm dimensions at its base giving it much stability.

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