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Hanging Items

Mini Hearts - Whitewash - Set 10

Code: HS0233-4
Product Dimensions: 6x6x1 cm each
Product Material: Wood, String


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 21.00cm
Width: 14.50cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

Wear your heart not just on your sleeves but all those places where you wish to show more love - be it the gift that you are giving to your teacher from kindergarten days or the anniversary gift to your parents or even the lovely travel souvenir you would like to gift your friend - here is much love when you give things away and, what could be better than attaching a tiny heart that will sufficiently show that off?

Made of wood, this tiny little heart is your way of adding a dollop of love to any space or thing with one easy move. The tiny heart has been carved from wood and has been given a string to attach it with. The length and width of the heart is 6 cm and that makes it most suitable for all sizes of gifts or any other form of usage. Simply line them up along the window rod and make a sort of hanging accent of you please - or loop it across the neck of a wine bottle you are gifting or simply place then around folded napkins and make the seating at an anniversary dinner more appropriate with the right thematic accent. The string in burlap and the colour of natural wood complement each other wonderfully. The set has ten such hearts for you to use lavishly and liberally for such occasions when gifts or settings need to be special.

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