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Wholesale Candle Holders

Mirror Tray Ovale Lrg A/white

Code: BA8644-2
Product Dimensions: 38x19.5x3cm
Product Material: Metal, Mirror


Weight: 2.00kg
Length: 20.00cm
Width: 6.50cm
Height: 39.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

This striking mirror tray has a splendid elongated oval shape which is exactly so due to its combination of beauty and extra space for the purpose of being able to serve clients a range of more functions. Made of top quality metal and a crystal clear glass, it has 4 solidly built metal legs and can be used to perform a wide range of functions.

The unusually shaped Mirror Tray Oval is a fabulously elegant piece of tray that isn't just functional only as a tray but also as an interior décor item. As a functional tray, it can be used to serve drinks such as cocktail, juice, tea, coffee, milk and wine. It can also be used to serve snacks such as biscuits, sweets, doughnuts, pies, etc. It can also be creatively used in the bedroom by placing it on the dresser table and arranging makeup kits on it. It can be placed in the bathroom and arranging toiletries in it. It can also be placed on the living room table and/or dining table as simply a decorative item. If that is not enough, clients can place ornamental flowers on it while it sits comfortably on the living/dining room table. It can also house small candle holders with lit candles in them while the clear mirror reflects and adds radiance to the glow. There are several other creative purposes and uses that clients would be creative to try.

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