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Wholesale Candle Holders

Mirror Tray Royale 100cm

Code: BA8624-2
Product Dimensions: 100X20.5X5CM
Product Material: Iron,Mirror


Weight: 6.60kg
Length: 105.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 27.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

You love adding to your candle collection -the pillared ones especially or the ones that come in glass jars and wish to help highlight their beauty, assembling them in neat clusters and a linear pattern for a more effective display. The vintage chic looks will help highlight the beauty of the them you love so much and the touch of classic appeal is sure to blend in well with the elegance of your home.

When it comes to creating classic vintage style displays, trust Lavida to present for you some scintillating design options. Like this long tray created from mirror and metal. The log thin tray will provide just the kind of space where you could place pillar candles or votive in a row thus helping make them seem more like a collection. Place tiny potted plants whose greens will look especially charming with lit up candles. Add this to places that need that touch of sophistication and a regal kind of air-after all with design classic such as this, you are going to eb making an extraordinary difference to the space. The length of the tray is 100 cm, and its raised ornate look rim makes things stay in place with ease. The width at 20 cm makes it easy to place round large candles. Potted greens and even ornate jars and other decorative on it. A firm choice of there is a table top that needs sprucing up.

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