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Mirror Vintage Crest

Code: FQ4007-1
Product Dimensions: 58x114x3 cm
Product Material: Wood, Mirror


Weight: 7.72kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 64.00cm
Height: 120.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Volume: 0.06

Mirrors lend your interiors the advantage of gaining a wonderful new dimension of spaciousness and when it comes to ornate mirrors with uniquely designed frames that have been thoughtfully created for modern day homes, several essential qualities have been built into them and this certainly is one such mirror.

There is a lot that can be said about mirrors being made part of the décor as they bring in an element of brightness and spaciousness into your home and make dull spaces come alive with certain amount of liveliness that adheres to reflecting of light and it is this element that makes this mirror suitable as much for the living room as it would be for your dressing area. The elegant wooden frame bears the marking s age as it does of a shabby chic style and that lends it more character most suited for a home that is on the lookout for a vintage appeal albeit in a modern sort of way. The distressed wood look appeals to the modern home far more than simple ornamentation and here is a mirror that combines the handsome look of wood with that of glass in a fine sort of combination. The mirror sis about 114 cm tall and 58 cm wide making it great for any space that needs a touch of brightness and an intrinsic look of style.

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