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Plate Stand Stalking Cats

Code: U2013-2
Product Dimensions: 26x24x41H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.36kg
Length: 26.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 44.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

The thrill of finding a design that makes organizing simple and the look desirable is pretty much a possibility when one looks at the entire range of plate stands and easels on offer from Lavida. This classic stand with cats guarding your plates will be a conversation starter because of its quaint looks and its very shabby chic appeal.

Whether to serve up or to display, a plate stand always lends the dining space or the kitchen a very neat and organized look. This stand crafted from metal ahs sturdy frame that is 41 cm in length and though the design is very basic its tow cats makes up for the lack of intricate design. One of them sits atop as if guarding from a vantage point while the second makes up the front of the rack. Place this on the side board, the kitchen counter or use it at the dining table itself, it sure will get all the attention for its very neat features and its very useful design that makes it such a great accessory. The wide and deep design allows great balance and the powder coated paint will help it retain its lovely color despite the presence of some bit of moisture. The stand looks particularly ornate an antique in its finish and should fit in well with even the best of bone china crockery. The curled legs, the two stalking cats made from metal sheet and the rather tall and elegant structure makes it a lovely spot of interest in your layout.

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