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Scented Hanger Heart Flower

Code: LD4297-1
Product Dimensions: 10.5x3x24.5cm
Product Material: Plaster, Cotton


Weight: 0.15kg
Length: 10.50cm
Width: 3.00cm
Height: 24.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 60

Bring the freshness of a floral fragrance to your wardrobe that usually ends up smelling musty when clothes come out after a long time. This is typical of wardrobes r closets that are not aired regularly. Made from plaster and cotton, this beautiful heart shaped hanger sachet will get infused with a perfume that will be retained by the heart shaped diffuser that will hold on to the fragrance and keep dispensing it for along long time.

A wonderful means to ad not just a great fragrance to your wardrobe but also a means to add a certain kind of attractiveness to the space. The hangable sachet s beautifully designed with a ribbon on the top and hanging tassel on the other end, the heart shaped plaster made hanger is what will get infused with the perfume that comes with the pack and, will gradually keep adding a touch of floral and sublime kind of fragrance to the air. The uplifting perfume is bound to make your clothes feel fresh and add a touch of fancy to you closet too. It comes with an easy hangable feature. The touch of ribbon and the tassel adds to its attractiveness. Comes neatly packaged in box with the perfume dispenser and the bottle that is the actual fragrance to be used.

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