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Side Table Mirrored

Code: U2205-1
Product Dimensions: 40.5x40.5x54cm
Product Material: Metal, Mirror


Weight: 4.45kg
Length: 42.00cm
Width: 43.00cm
Height: 60.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Give your home and spaces a chic and modern feel -an update in the furniture department works wonders in making your home feel updated o style and eases out the usage of space. after all, be it the extension of seating or for some random display that adds to the charm of your room the right kind of tale is imperative and this piece that comes in metal and glass detail, is simply stunning in its impact.

The lower body of the table is made of sturdy metal in a deep dark colour that off sets the beauty of the reflective glass round top that truly adds to its uniqueness. The perfect choice of side table if extending the seating is in the mind, or if you wish to brighten a corner in the far end of the room, that needs some cheering up-adding this side table topped with a sculpture or a light source right there will help draw in not just attention and thus help livening up the space. The ribbed side of the table that has a gorgeous curved shape that balloons outwards in the middle gracefully ending in neat round base that will help it always have its balance. The mirror top adds to its uniqueness and allows it to help draw in more brightness. The table is almost two feet tall at 54 cm and its diameter is 40 cm -the kind of size that will easily fit into all spaces.

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