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Sign Fishing Lies

Code: SG1502-4
Product Dimensions: 48x1x55.5cm
Product Material: Wood, MDF, Metal


Weight: 3.25kg
Length: 51.00cm
Width: 19.50cm
Height: 17.50cm
Inner Qty: 4

For the love of fishing get this signboard if you are as hooked as people think you are to your angling-after all you only live once and why keep lying about your focus in life. Drool over the next big fishing trip and dream away you are going to make and stop making people guess about your love for fishing with this superb looking signboard that helps your spaces liven up with its presence.

Make a statement about your love for fishing with this classic sign board crafted keeping in kind the typical traits of an angler. Telling lies and making up excuses being a foremost requirement, the signboard encompasses the funniest possible ideas in a beautiful pattern of a fish. The three little shabby boards hanging below carry the message with amazing accuracy. The wooden fish on top in multi-coloured wood has a drop-down menu of sorts to help your angling personality get a whole new feel and look. Knotted ropes slot through the drop-down facets of the hanging signboard give it an interesting shape. The several colours on the sign board liven up the look further. All of 55 m in height and 48 cm in width, it will make quite an animated impact on the space and bring with it the beauty of shabby choc design that is beachy and cheerful.

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