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Sparrow Door Stop

Code: U1092-2
Product Dimensions: 7x8x13 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.00kg
Length: 6.80cm
Width: 15.50cm
Height: 11.50cm
Inner Qty: 4

Sparrows are beautiful little birds. They're one of the most common birds around the world, and it's for that reason they may be more overlooked compared to lesser seen birds. However, they're still a favorite of many, a lovely symbol of nature, and an animal that is just as wonderful in art as it is in person.

This brown Sparrow Door Stop is just as pretty and charming as the actual bird itself. It has the wonderful job of holding a door open so it's easier to pass through the doorway with a load of groceries, clean the rooms and hallways, and have the door stay in place whenever a gust of wind blows through. It also serves as a wonderful accent piece when not in use and can even double as book ends. Who said décor can't be multi-functional?

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