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Men's Gifts

Standing Sign Born To Fish

Code: SG1283-4
Product Dimensions: 20x4x10H cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.84kg
Length: 23.50cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 23.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 24

No need to feign or pretend when it comes to things that make you super happy - let the love show and wear that love on your sleeve-well not literally but in similar way with the help of these signs that convey the love in such a wonderful graphic way. Here it says what your heart would love to spell out for all who care to see-Born To Fish-Forced To Work!

Give voice to your opinions, ideas, thoughts and passions and in this case the passion shows right through in the words as well as the very look of this sign board that declares the love for fishing like few things can. Anglers know the heights of addiction that fishing brings along with it and few can quite understand the depth of this love! The sign board in blue and white commensurate beautifully with the very look of the aqua related theme. The words in white stand out bold and attractive and the sides with their print showing off many tiny anglers at their job alongside several kinds of aquatic creatures makes for an amazing design. The sign board is made of MDF and reflects the dense colors rather well. The bold white lettering looks gorgeous as does the message. Could be placed in your personal space declaring the love like never before. All of 10 cm high and 20 cm wide makes it ideal for placing on shelves as well.

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