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Standing Sign Tackle It

Code: SG1280-4
Product Dimensions: 20x4x10H cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 23.50cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 23.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 24

What more could be said of the love for fishing than with the words that bring out the pun as much as the fun of this one of a kind hobby-angling. The pastime of daydreamers and for many the one weekend activity that many find hard to fathom-a delight for the angler and an anathema for the non-anglers-here is a sign that celebrates that dichotomy.

Here is the most audacious of puns that any angler could think of throwing at their doubters-Fishing Is a Tough Job but I can Tackle it-as if the world was ever convinced about the same. Giving anglers a free run to declare their love in the most unconventional of ways is this lovely sign board dedicated to the love of fishing - an art to many, a waste of time to a lot and an absolute an obsession for those who have been bitten by it. To make light of this truly amazing pastime that is as peaceful as it is challenging-is this quip on a sign board that should certainly put a s mile on the face of avid anglers as well as their detractors. Enhance your spaces with this sign board if your love for fishing is something you would like to declare boldly. All blue and vividly hued, the sign board is about 20 cm long and 10 cm high which makes it well designed to be sitting flat across tables, shelves or mantles with ease. Would make your personal spaces more cheerful and less formal.

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