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Children's Gifts & Decor

Standing Sign To The Moon

Code: LB6174-6
Product Dimensions: 11x7x4 cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.62kg
Length: 14.00cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 14.00cm

A souvenir can come in any form which appeals to the eye of its recipient. This includes miniature blocks carrying a special message. MDF is among the materials of high grade employed for constructing such uniquely - crafted gift items. It is critical to select one which bears a special message when presenting such an item to a friend or loved one.

Standing Sign To The Moon has measurements of 11x7x4 cm and carries the inscriptions �Love You To The Moon and Back� in white at the front, with the background being brown. The bottom section of this product features polka dots of brown colour against a background of cream. One can purchase this gift item and present it to a special person as a romantic souvenir. The message it bears and simplistic style makes it appear natural and convincing to the recipient. Owners of gift shops may consider acquiring several of these for their clients.

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