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Throws & Soft Furnishings

Throw Stone Washed Quilted Cotton Diamond Teal

Code: CU3109-1
Product Dimensions: 130X180cm
Product Material: cotton


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 44.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 34.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Throws are cuddles one and their very presence as an easy to reach for comfort accessory makes them a must have on the couch or perhaps in all those places where you like to unwind and work off your day?s stress. Here is one made to fit into your plan for supreme superior kind of comfort laden with lots of warmth and a certain cool kind of style that comes from using handwoven handcrafted products from Lavida.

Lend your home furnishings and accessories to it a certain style update with this stunningly warm and superbly crafted by hand throw that is made with acre to give you complete and absolute comfort and warmth. The cool touch and smooth finish of hand spun cotton and the delicate applique on it makes it the perfect throw to cuddle into, on cool evenings when the only things on your mind is to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. For evenings spent curled up with your favourite book or spent watching your favourite series on the telly back to back-here is that utterly luxurious in feel throw that will give you just the right amount of comfort. The length being 180 cm and its width being 130 cm, it is just the right size for the front of your bed or could be placed in rattan baskets by the side of the couch. To make it add to the look of the space, it could be causally draped on the arm of the couch as well.

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