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Towel Rack - Rustic White

Code: U1664RW-1
Product Dimensions: 60x34x92 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 4.00kg
Length: 93.50cm
Width: 5.00cm
Height: 35.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

Our beautiful Rustic White Towel Rack is one of those pieces that are not just functional; it's beautiful and decorative as well. It has the appearance of a well wrought work of iron from centuries ago, when skilled craftsmen used metals to create household items such as furniture and utilitarian pieces for everyday use.

� This one stands more than three feet in height and has three towel bars at the top which might also be used for displaying quilts or blankets.

� Five vertical bars on each side comprise the sides and are embellished with stylized hearts that lead to elaborately curved feet.

� The wide shelf at the bottom is more than 13 inches deep, wide enough for any size folded towel, candle jars, a soap dish, or a basket filled with cosmetics or bath items.

� A white painted coating is lightly distressed so it appears to have been worn with age.

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