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Wholesale Porcelain

#urn Motif

Code: BU5001-1
Product Dimensions: 20x20x38cm
Product Material: Porcelain


Weight: 4.65kg
Length: 24.00cm
Width: 35.50cm
Height: 3.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 2

*Please Note: This item can ONLY be delivered as part of a pallet sized order. If you wish to order this product you will need to make sure your full order is large enough to be freighted by a pallet. If you need more information about this please contact us.

For a client in despair for a permanent-display memorial urn in tribute to departed loved ones. Urn Motif is handcrafted with skilled workmanship. The porcelain cremation urn has intricate reoccurring abstract geometry. This is an oriental piece with cobalt oxide dark blue accent.

An urn is the most versatile home complement. This decorative urn can be repurposed in resourceful ways. For individuals who do not possess green fingers, Urn Motif can be used as a planter to pot artificial flowers. This is ideal for giving a subtle greenly touch to one's front porch or for use inside of the home. Office supplies can as well be organized with this stylish urn. The vitrified pottery is very tough and perfect for use daily. If it is used as a sculptural urn or for memorial purpose, the urn would make a spectacular statement on its own. The versatility of our product makes it the perfect alternative one's clientele.

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