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Wholesale Candle Holders

Votive Bead/shell Jade

Code: HS0740-6
Product Dimensions: 8.5x8.5x11cm, with 9.5cm handle
Product Material: Metal, Glass, Shell, Wood


Weight: 1.70kg
Length: 29.00cm
Width: 13.00cm
Height: 21.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 48

Shells are lovely pieces of decorating items. Now imagine them going alongside the beautiful green jade colour. Not just that, it is accompanied by a colourful array of beads. Therefore, the Votive Beads/Shell Jade is a creative, colourful candleholder that is both functional and an aesthetic antique to place in and around the home.

Every carton of Votive Beads/Shell Jade contains 48 Votive candleholders, plenty for a fair price. Jade is a colour that often connotes being bold, wealthy and refined. Candles on their own serve several purposes. It is used to provide illumination sometimes, but at many other times, it is simply to create an atmosphere of opulence, wealth, romance or serenity. This beautiful candleholder would make a perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues and even students who intend to “burn the midnight candle”. It is made with the use of four quality materials of metal, glass, shell and wood. The beads are painted in an alternate colour of white, jade and chocolate. It has a 9.5 centimetres handle with which it can be carried about.

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