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Wholesale Beachside

Lavida is Australia's most popular wholesaler of homewares and gifts and our Beachside range is unbeatable. We stock over 3,500 products on our constant evolving website.

The beachside range is one of our most popular and largest categories here at Lavida and we have a great deal of fun sourcing new nautical, ocean themed and beach style products.

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Crisp whites and marine blues mixed with nautical accents, natural wood and tailored furnishings are a great place to start to create that beachside feel.

It's easy to add a twist of elegance to this classic look with clear glassware, printed fabrics and natural textures, think of the Hamptons look with an ocean feel!

Adding shades of the ocean into the mix of white and neutral adds a fresh and breezy feel keeping that bright and sunny aspect to any room.

Adding a splash of nautical red takes the look in another direction again and can be brought to life by simply adding decor such as sailboats, rope and jute detail.

Our extensive range of beachside decor includes picture frames, soft furnishings, lighting, surfing, ceramics, signs and many more.

Beachside Picture Frames

Picture frames are a simple way to start to create a theme in any room, beachside is such a simple look to capture and it can all start with a few picture frames grouped together on a coffee table or sideboard.

Made from a variety of materials and finishes there are plenty of beachside frames to choose from.  We always have plenty of aged and rustic wooden frames finished with a whitewashes or sometimes neutral.  We know how popular every shade of blue is and never more so when we're talking about beachhouse decor so we always carry stock of various shades and sizes of blue frames in a range of finishes.

Our ranges of picture frames continually grows as new product lines are being added every few weeks, yet we always try to keep in stock those bestsellers which we know you and your customers love.

Beachside Soft Furnishings

Cushions can be an easy and quick way to add some extra style to any room - we wanted to make that even easier by choosing cushions which are going to fit into the majority of home decors.

Our beachside range of cushions covers many of those traditional ocean and beach vibes such as beach huts & bunting or anchors & rope.  We also love to throw in some campervans and surfboards and some starfish and seashells.  The materials we choose can be selected from a more neutral palette and will often include a navy and white stripe.

Beachside Signs

Our vast range of beachside signs is ever evolving as we keep up to date with trends and fashions.

The surfing signs we choose have always proved popular and sell really well, we keep the wording simple and the prices low and that's really what makes a great sign.  The colours are always important though and we design many ourselves.  The retro beach look with that Hawaiian feel has proved popular again as has the vintage feel.  Our signs with beach are great for our coastal customers, particularly those in tourist areas.


Head to the tropical waters with our range of coral inspired ornaments. Coral motifs add a natural and organic feel to our pieces and will transport you to the clear blue waters of the reef.

Beachside Decor

With lots of nautical decor to choose from you can create a sea-faring display in no time at all.  Choose from sailboats, metal wall art, clocks, ceramics, paperweights, oars, bags of shells and many more.

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