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Wholesale Ceramic Hanging Hearts

LaVida is one of Australia's largest wholesaler of beautiful ceramic hanging hearts that are a perfectly chic and inexpensive addition to your wonderful home. At LaVida, we have a variety of wholesale ceramic hanging hearts for you to retail to your customers.

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If you're looking for the best gifts and home decor solutions as a wholesaler - LaVida is the one-stop-shop you will need! We provide the best quality products with a wide variety for your treasured customers.

These ceramic hanging hearts have been made with the best quality ceramic and the highest quality secondary material. Our range of ceramic hanging hearts consists of a plethora of different and unique designs that are suitable for gifting on all occasions and for personal home decor. We regularly update our range to keep up with new styles and trends for our valued customers.

Our ceramic hanging hearts are made with care and they are the kind of treasured tokens that you can gift to your loved ones. Be it your mother, significant other or your beloved kitty cat, we have something in store for everyone.

Our collection of ceramic hanging hearts has something for everyone and every special occasion.

Want to congratulate your friend on a promotion or give your granny something she would cherish? We've got you covered.

This collection consists of modern, classy looking hearts to traditional Christian crosses.

Whether your style is minimalism or you like more colourful prints, LaVida's ceramic hanging hearts have every style possible. Be it timeless classics or modern prints; our extensive range promises that you will never run out of choices!

Our range of ceramic hanging hearts is a category that always goes out of stock due to the high demand for them as they make for great inexpensive but thoughtful gifts. At LaVida, we pride ourselves upon making these hanging hearts using the highest quality of ceramics which do not break easily and are long-lasting.

Our aim is to cater to every Australian home, so we provide our customers with the widest possible choices. We have a variety of elegant ceramic hanging crosses with wonderful prints, from colourful mosaics to pretty looking flower prints, we have something in store for every personality.

For customers that want a grand gift for a less than grand price, we have beautiful boxed ceramic hanging hearts set. These gifts are sure to charm anyone who receives it as it represents a token of the giver's affection.

One of our most popular products is our ceramic pet tags! Who doesn't love adorable gift pet tags? Like the rest of our range, these pet tags are lightweight and look great hung near your beloved pet's cage as a way to express love for your furry companion. This gift pet tag makes for a great gift for every pet owner too!

LaVida makes amazing ceramic hanging hearts with quotes imprinted on them that are full of positivity, quirk and wit. Gift one to yourself to remind you to always have faith in yourself. Place these hanging hearts in your room so that serve as affirmations that you can revisit whenever you feel low. These hanging hearts help to transform your place into a shrine of positivity and calmness.

Around the house, they can be placed anywhere, be it your bedroom or on an empty space in your display case. It adds a sense of serenity and grace at the same time. Holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve and Good Friday are the perfect occasions for gifting one of these precious hanging hearts to your beloved.

These long-lasting ceramic hanging hearts serve as a wonderful reminder of you to your loved ones. They may look small but hold significant emotional value. They are the perfect gift as our range contains something that is appropriate for every occasion, and hence these hearts can be personalised.

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