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Wholesale Children's Gifts & Décor

The children�s gift and d�cor market has grown rapidly over the last few years.  If you are looking to become a retailer of wholesale children�s gifts and d�cor then you have found your perfect partner!

Here at LaVida we stock an ever-evolving range of Children�s gifts and d�cor at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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You may choose to dedicate an area of your store to children�s items, maybe even install a bed, bedside table, lighting, rugs and d�cor or you may simply want to add a few items around your current displays.


Decorating children�s bedrooms is a fast becoming a happy pastime for many new parents, preparing the Nursery for their new arrival is such a special time.  

Updating the childs bedroom every year or so is now very manageable for most parents given how inexpensive our ranges are.

Its easy to create a new feel to a room by just adding a few new pieces of artwork, photo frames, a brightly coloured alarm clock and some bunting.

Creating an environment that develops a child�s sense of imagination and creativity is so important, bright colours, shapes and textures all add to that sensory experience.

As a child develops, creating a room which reflects their personality and interests creates a space which they enjoy playing in and sleeping in.

Boys d�cor is often heavy in the blues, reds and whites.  Images of anything that can move and transport such as cars, boats and bikes are always very popular, as are animals such as sharks, whales, crocodiles and lions.

Boys room easily lend themselves to that coastal look, whether it be boats or surfboards, adding some nautical looking blues and whites and few red stripes is a great idea and something the parents will also love.

Little girls d�cor is still traditionally popular in every shade of pink, purples and anything pastel.  Lots of flowers, princesses, puppies, bunnies, birds and butterflies are always popular.

They also love anything soft and fluffy, dolls, cushions, bunting and doorstops always add a special girly feel to the room.

We always have in stock a variety of these items, as d�cor trends change we keep our ranges up to date and are constantly seeking out new products from all over the world.

We have an in-house design team which also contributes to the design elements of many of our products ensuring exclusivity on many of our items.

Our creative sign ranges are always being updated and with the children�s signs we always like to keep them light-hearted and fun.  Lots of bathroom and playroom fun rules, dreamy bedtime lullabies and cute reminders of how special they are.

Our brightly coloured range of children�s alarm clocks have been one of our consistently great selling items, priced incredibly well and available in a multitude of boys and girls appropriate colours, they are a great place to start if Children�s d�cor is new to your store.  With their big number and clear face they are great for helping children to learn to tell the time.

Picture frames are always popular in children�s room � a great way to remind them of how loved they are and of special times with family and friends.  We always have a multitude of single frames to choose from, either standing or wall hanging and often will have some multi-frames to choose from also, which are great when you want to tell a story with photos.

We have been keeping up to date with the trends and have introduced a number of hanging items for your child's bedroom. Decorate your children's furniture with these simple hanging additions. Otherwise dress up the walls and ceiling's with our latest designs.

So take a look at our current product ranges and see what you think your customers will love to see in your store.

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