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Wholesale Coasters & Magnets

Welcome to Australia's largest wholesaler of inexpensive coasters, perfect for every style of decor.

Here at LaVida we stock over 2,500 wholesale home decor and gift products ready for you to retail.

Coasters are a great addition to any homewares stock.  The variation of materials and design that we offer is vast and given our incredible price points they are perfect pieces of decor that can be changes as styles and trends change.

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We love sourcing great looking wholesale coasters from all over the world to bring back to Australia the best selections possible.

It is our mission to ensure that we offer at least a few styles of Coasters to suit every decor you can imagine, whether that be beachside, traditional, French style, country, modern or Scandinavian to name but a few.

We also like to have a few timeless classic sets of Coasters that make the perfect gift for those who are hard to buy.

The majority of our coasters come in sets of 4, prettily packaged to sell as a gift, but if need be you can sell the separately.

Currently we have around 50 different designs in stock, wholesaling at around the $5 mark.

Here at LaVida, our stock is ever evolving and continually being updated.  Every week or so we introduce a new range of products, maybe a new selection of ceramics, glassware, mirrors or furniture.

So if you see products that you love on our website be sure to move quickly as they be gone before not too long to make way for new stock.

Our range of coasters is one of our fastest growing categories, mainly due to the great price points and great designs, which keep your customers coming back for more.

Generally our coasters are made from resin with a cork backing. They are generally in sets of 4 in the traditional square and circle shape.

One of the many reasons that Coasters are growing in popularity is probably due to the fact that they are priced perfectly for that last minute gift, almost the same price as some handmade cards and are the perfect pick me up gift when a customer doesn't really want to spend too much but wants to something home.

Even though they are super practical, their function as decor is increasing as the styles, colours and finishes add so much to a coffee table, side table or a dining table.

They can look great stacked up in the centre of a decorative tray, with a vase of flower and maybe a candle.

Coasters really have become almost like another ornament in a room, they can be used to add another accent of colour to the room.

As we the trend to entertain at home grows, coasters are becoming more and more of a home decor item that we have more than one of.  Quite often there will be numerous sets dotted around the house, in the home office, on the dining table, bedside tables and in the kitchen.

Our current range, here at LaVida, is varied with plenty of choice for all ages and styles.  There are always a great selection on beach themed coasters, with shells, lighthouses, fish, flamingos, tropical beach scenes and plenty more.

We also have vintage cars, roses and peonies, floral mixes, tropical leaves, song birds, parrots, dogs & cats and trees.

Along with modern patterns, maps, love themes and inspirational messages and sayings.

Our range would not be complete with a nod to beer, wine and champagne!

Coasters are an easy to display item, colour co-ordinate them with all the neutrals or florals in store or place them around the store and have plenty at around the cash desk ready for those last moment purchases.

As a one-stop shop for all home decor and gifts LaVida offers over 2,500 products, which are being constantly updated and improved at unbeatable prices.

Wholesale enquiries are always welcome, please click here.

You can read more about LaVida on our FAQs page.

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